5 PR Lessons B2B Companies Can Learn From Superheroes


What B2B Executives Can Learn About PR From Superman

What B2B Executives Can Learn About PR From Superman

Superheroes can do more than fight crime—they can also teach us about public relations. Superheroes have a loyal, oftentimes cult following. If you want to have a similar loyal following for your business, consider developing your own B2B PR superpowers. Below are five tips we can learn from our caped friends.

Captain America

Captain America is not just a superhero; he is a symbol. He stands for freedom and patriotism. His message is clearly displayed in his name and in his red, white, and blue attire. Does your company have a cause? You might not be fighting for freedom, but your company has to stand for something in order to succeed. Maybe your cause is to save companies money on their technology. Your cause might be to help companies reduce turnover. Whatever your company’s cause is, display it boldly and don’t waver.

PR lessons we can learn from Captain America:

  • Stand for a cause.
  • Clearly communicate what cause you support.
  • Do not waver from your cause.

What B2B Executives Can Learn About PR From Spiderman

What B2B Executives Can Learn About PR From Spiderman


Spiderman lacks the intimidating stature that most superheroes have, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in agility. You may not be the biggest company on the block, but your company’s small size can be used to your advantage. Big name companies are often inflexible and slow moving when it comes to the media rescheduling interviews with high-profile CEOs or getting approval from the legal department. If the media knows you can bend to their schedule and flex to accommodate their requests, they will likely use you as a source.

PR lessons we can learn from Spiderman:

  • Be agile and flexible.
  • Have a message that sticks.
  • Set your sights high and climb to the top.


When it comes to Batman, image is everything. Batman’s power is in his bat “brand.” Without the cowl and cape, criminals wouldn’t react to Batman the same way. After all, Batman doesn’t have any superhuman powers. He only has two things that make him a superhero—his image and his gadgets. Without these things, he is just an ordinary man, and even Batman’s gadgets lose much of their power if they are separated from Batman’s “batty” image. How strong is your company’s brand? Does it communicate a specific message? If not, you might need to do a little cape shopping.

PR lessons we can learn from Batman:

  • Invest in good branding.
  • Project your name (or symbol) in lights.
  • Guard your reputation.


Hulk has superhuman strength, but it is not controlled. In fact, it is unpredictable and destructive. Hulk is emotional and impulsive, which is a dangerous combination in today’s world of lightning fast social media. Just as Hulk has a heart monitor that helps him stay out of the danger zone, we too should closely monitor what we say and do.

PR lessons we can learn from Hulk:

  • Monitor what you say.
  • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  • Don’t make decisions on emotion or impulse.


Why does everyone love Superman—because he saves the day. How is your company “saving the day” for your customers? Is your company solving problems for customers or are you just providing what is expected? People expect the expected, but they are blown away and become fans for life when you go above and beyond the expected.

PR lessons we can learn from Superman:

  • Everyone loves someone who saves the day.
  • Do the right thing, always.
  • Be humble.

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