Does Your B2B Company Pass the Key Message Test?

What's Your Key Message?

What’s Your Key Message?

Dear B2B CEO,

I have a challenge for you. Take out a blank piece of paper and a pen. Are you ready? Now write your company’s key message. I’ll wait.

Got it written down? Now that you have written your company’s key message, pull up your company’s website. Does the key message that you wrote match your company’s website? Look at your company’s other marketing materials, such as business cards, giveaways, blog posts, videos, etc. Do they all communicate an underlying central idea? If not, your company likely doesn’t have a strong central message that is consistent across all communication channels. Without a single key message, it is difficult to create a solid brand image among your target markets.

There’s one more test. Call your employees and leadership team into a room. Give everyone a piece of paper and a pen. Then ask them to write down what they think your company’s key message is. Once they have written a response, ask everyone to switch papers so that no one has the paper on which they wrote. Next ask each person to read aloud the key message written on the paper they were handed.

If Everyone Writes the Same Key Message…

If the majority or entirety of the group writes the same key message using the same verbiage, congratulations! Your company has a strong key message that is communicated across the board. Way to go!

If Everyone Writes a Different Message…

If everyone writes a different message, your employees may not be aware of your company’s key message (if you have one), or your company may have multiple, conflicting messages or no message at all. If your employees are confused about what your company’s message is, you can bet that your target market is confused as well.

Remember, it is better to have one strong key message than multiple inconsistent messages!

One strong key message is better than multiple inconsistent messages!

One strong key message is better than multiple inconsistent messages!


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