Why Your B2B Company Needs a Partner

Business Partner

Who should your company partner with?

How good is your company at building partnerships with other organizations? If your company tends to fly solo, you may find your organization left out of the media spotlight. Media outlets are often hesitant to cover one-source stories, but they are looking for trend stories and industry stories that include multiple sources. One way to attract the attention of the media is to partner with other organizations to tell a bigger story.

Below are six types of organizations you can partner with to encourage national media coverage of your B2B company.

1) Partner with an industry association.
Industry associations are often seen as industry authorities and credible sources of information. They also have the added element of being recognized as thought leaders. Consider conducting a joint research project with a high profile industry association to add credibility to your story.

2) Partner with a research organization.
Research organizations make great media partners because they produce a high-volume of content that can lead to multiple stories for the media. Research organizations also tend to be highly respected.

3) Partner with a university.
Universities are always producing research, conducting experiments, and launching projects, but many of these stories never make it beyond the walls of the university. By partnering with a university, you can help get these ideas to the masses in a joint project that gains exposure for both your company and the university.

4) Partner with a non-profit.
The media doesn’t want to provide your company with free advertising, but they don’t mind spreading the word about non-profit organizations. If you can partner with a non-profit organization on a valuable cause, your organization might enjoy a little extra media attention.

5) Partner with a customer or client.
The media won’t always believe what you say about your company, but they might believe what your customers say about your company. Your company is probably full of customer stories waiting to be told.

6) Partner with a complementary company.
Is there a complementary, non-competitive company that can provide a unique perspective to a story that your organization wants to tell? Perhaps there are companies that provide a similar product or service as your company, but for a different market? Or maybe there is a company in a sister industry that can add to your story. For instance, a company that manufacturers office furniture might want to partner with an office interior designer to talk about industry trends.

Who is your company going to partner with?

Keep growing!


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