Does Your B2B Company Pass the Key Message Test?

What's Your Key Message?

What’s Your Key Message?

Dear B2B CEO,

I have a challenge for you. Take out a blank piece of paper and a pen. Are you ready? Now write your company’s key message. I’ll wait.

Got it written down? Now that you have written your company’s key message, pull up your company’s website. Does the key message that you wrote match your company’s website? Look at your company’s other marketing materials, such as business cards, giveaways, blog posts, videos, etc. Do they all communicate an underlying central idea? If not, your company likely doesn’t have a strong central message that is consistent across all communication channels. Without a single key message, it is difficult to create a solid brand image among your target markets.

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Don’t Just Tell Your B2B Company’s Story—Give Customers Their Own Story

B2B Storytelling

Don’t just tell your B2B story, give customers their own story!

How many times have you been told by a marketer that you must “tell your company’s story”? One of the recent trends in marketing is for companies to “tell their story.” While there is nothing wrong with telling your company’s story, it may not be enough to truly connect with your customers, especially in the B2B world where purchases are largely transactional and unemotional. A more powerful strategy is to give customers their own story.

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5 PR Lessons B2B Companies Can Learn From Superheroes


What B2B Executives Can Learn About PR From Superman

What B2B Executives Can Learn About PR From Superman

Superheroes can do more than fight crime—they can also teach us about public relations. Superheroes have a loyal, oftentimes cult following. If you want to have a similar loyal following for your business, consider developing your own B2B PR superpowers. Below are five tips we can learn from our caped friends.

Captain America

Captain America is not just a superhero; he is a symbol. He stands for freedom and patriotism. His message is clearly displayed in his name and in his red, white, and blue attire. Does your company have a cause? You might not be fighting for freedom, but your company has to stand for something in order to succeed. Maybe your cause is to save companies money on their technology. Your cause might be to help companies reduce turnover. Whatever your company’s cause is, display it boldly and don’t waver.

PR lessons we can learn from Captain America:

  • Stand for a cause.
  • Clearly communicate what cause you support.
  • Do not waver from your cause.

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