Learn What It Takes to Land B2B Media Coverage (Interview on Midtown Business RadioX)

Midtown Business RadioX host C.W. Hall recently interviewed Stephanie Richards, founder of Atlanta-based SowGrow Public Relations and Mike Remy, VP of Enterprise Solutions of Dimensional Solutions Managed IT Services. Listen to the full interview here.

Midtown Business RadioX (Atlanta)

Stephanie Richards of SowGrow Public Relations and Mike Remy of Dimensional Solutions Managed IT Services

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5 PR Lessons B2B Companies Can Learn From Superheroes


What B2B Executives Can Learn About PR From Superman

What B2B Executives Can Learn About PR From Superman

Superheroes can do more than fight crime—they can also teach us about public relations. Superheroes have a loyal, oftentimes cult following. If you want to have a similar loyal following for your business, consider developing your own B2B PR superpowers. Below are five tips we can learn from our caped friends.

Captain America

Captain America is not just a superhero; he is a symbol. He stands for freedom and patriotism. His message is clearly displayed in his name and in his red, white, and blue attire. Does your company have a cause? You might not be fighting for freedom, but your company has to stand for something in order to succeed. Maybe your cause is to save companies money on their technology. Your cause might be to help companies reduce turnover. Whatever your company’s cause is, display it boldly and don’t waver.

PR lessons we can learn from Captain America:

  • Stand for a cause.
  • Clearly communicate what cause you support.
  • Do not waver from your cause.

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